Tania Spice

First Impressions

Tania Spice is a lusty young Latina with apple-sized natural breasts, a cute smile, braces and a hot ass. Her mocha-colored skin is delicious and when I discovered that she is more than happy to suck a dick or get fucked on camera I was extra excited to see more of her. She shows all of that on the tour, forgoing any of the censorship that some of the shy girls put in place. She just wants you to see her naughty body so you´ll get so turned on that you have to join. Watching her fuck and make out with other chicks is a pretty good way of getting me going.

Hot Promises

Tania Spice is pretty generous with the promises because she´s confident that she can deliver on all of them. They include exclusive content, an all natural model, HD quality movies (that´s probably bullshit), high quality photo sets and weekly updates. Those are nice but almost every girl promises that. What I´m even more interested in is the promise of her willing to do just about anything sexual. That includes masturbation, lesbian and hardcore sex. She also promises you eight bonus sites if you join.


Tania Spice is a naughty girl and her site is cleanly, smartly designed and easy to use. The latest updates are listed on the main page along with a few sexy preview pictures like the one of her in the nurse´s outfit. You´ll find links to the pictures, videos, wallpapers and bonus sites along the top of the page and it should be a breeze to get to the place you want to be. I visited the picture galleries first and I was pleased with the results.

The image sets display at 1200px and if I had to pick one resolution for my images to be in it would be that one. It´s the perfect size for my browsing experience, although I understand that everyone will have different needs. That´s why they offer you a zip file for download. Grab that zip when you want a copy of the files or when you want to browse on your desktop where your operating system will likely to the resizing automatically. There are currently 53 picture galleries and Tania Spice gives you a new one every week.

Tania Spice brings the beauty in her content sets. She has auburn hair, pretty brown eyes and a wicked slim body that happens to have big natural breasts. They look like D cups at the very least, maybe a little bigger. It´s hard not to be impressed with that. I love how slim her waist is in comparison with those big breasts. You don´t see that very often. She has long thin legs and a nice tight ass too. All of these things combine to make her a special girl.

There are 55 videos in the Tania Spice collection and while they promise high definition they don´t quite deliver. The videos look good at 720x480 and 4000kbps but high definition is 1280x720 so they´re obviously a long way from that. You can download them in WMV or you can grab a lower resolution MP4 if you prefer. They also have a short preview video to download if you want a trailer. Since they only have one screenshot per scene it´s useful to watch that trailer so you don´t have to waste your time downloading a big file you´re not going to enjoy.

If you join Tania Spice you can expect to see a hot mix of content types. First there´s the solo action. This beautiful Latina gal does her fair share of picture galleries and videos alone. She poses mostly in cute outfits like a tank top and shorts or a t-shirt and panties. She will strip and show you her big natural tits and her shaved Latina pussy. She occasionally puts on a costume like her schoolgirl set or the doll costume she has. There are a small number of lingerie sets too. My favorite solo gallery shows her posing in a sheer black baby doll with a nice lace bodice to hug her titties. It´s a delicious look.

When Tania Spice goes lesbian the results are always amazing. I´m usually more impressed with the full on lesbian sex on a site like this because it seems like most girls are okay with hardcore but they don´t want to get into having sex with girls. Tania Spice is not a prude like that. She´s more than happy to eat pussy, get eaten, finger, use dildos and kiss. Seeing her make out with another chick is as pleasurable as anything you´re going to get off to this month. She and her friends also use a strapon every one and a while and the results tend to be spectacular.

Tania Spice teases hardcore content and then she delivers. It´s a relatively small part of the site with less than ten videos and roughly half a dozen picture galleries featuring cocksucking and fucking. It´s still spectacular though and it deserves some attention. You can watch the beautiful chick with the great body suck on a hard cock and then spread her legs to have her Latina teen pussy fucked. You can see her sitting on meat while her natural tits bounce. These are things most teenage models don´t provide and that´s why Tania spice stands out from the crowd.

There are eight bonus sites with your membership and they each feature young Latina models. This is the premiere network for young Latina chicks modeling their hot bodies, wearing lingerie, stripping, masturbating and having hardcore sex. All the sites are well constructed and the girls look vastly different so you have plenty of choices. You can go with the babe that turns you on the most and really get your rocks off.

Croco’s Opinion

Tania Spice is a unique girl in that she´s 18 years old, has her own site and is willing to have sex with anyone that can give her pleasure. She does solo, lesbian and hardcore content in her member´s area and she does it all with passion. In the solo scenes she models hot little outfits and her naked body to our delight. In the lesbian scenes she kisses, eats pussy and uses toy. In the hardcore scenes she does what is necessary to make the cock feel good so it will cum for her and make her cum. She is all about pleasure, mostly yours. The action is intense and intensely arousing and that leads to great fun for everyone. It´s a high quality production you should put some time into if you like Latina chicks. The bonus sites make it even more worthwhile.


Browsing the site is easy. The only complaint is that they need more screenshots for the movies.

Pricing Policy

It´s $29.95 every 30 days or $59.95 for 90 days.

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